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Evil Podcast features stories of Darkness and Horror produced and narrated by Dennis Serra.

Evil Podcast is accepting horror story submissions.  Looking for stories around 3000 words, prior published material welcome.  Email stories for consideration.

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Jun 19, 2017

The surgery went well, or so I was told. The first night in the hospital is a blur, but no real loss of time. I was still groggy from the anesthesia, but when I was wheeled back to my room the nurse placed a painkiller in my IV.

I don’t know exactly what was placed in my IV that first night, but I truly felt no pain. I can tell you that was the best sleep of my life that night. Thank you nurse.

The next day was filled with many quick pokes, prods, and numerous visits from the nurses. I didn’t mind the attention. When you have your abdominal muscles invaded by steel, even surgical steel, it feels like if stand up your guts will fall out. So I lay still and let the professionals take care of me while I healed.

One duty of the nurses was to administrate pain killers when the pain was just too much. I played the typical man thing and tried to go as long as I could before asking for any. I usually only asked when it was time to sleep. I could live with the discomfort when just lying there watching hospital TV, but I couldn’t sleep with the level of pain I had.

The second night was not as restful as the first. The nurses only administrated that special pain killer on that first night. Too strong or too addicting perhaps, no matter, as the new pain killer let me sleep. For a while at least.