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Evil Podcast features stories of Darkness and Horror produced and narrated by Dennis Serra.

Evil Podcast is accepting horror story submissions.  Looking for stories around 3000 words, prior published material welcome.  Email stories for consideration.

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Apr 24, 2017

The attic was bare save one left over piece of ratty furniture. Against the far wall was a single small wooden chair. On the lone chair was a doll.

The doll was facing the wall and it was about three feet in length.

The doll resembled a jester. A clown. He had a goofy smile, yellow eyes, and a floppy three pointed hat...

Apr 10, 2017

We have all heard about the creepy slumber party favorite of trying to summon Bloody Mary while staring into a mirror. The legend is that if you, often on a double dog dare, enter the dark bathroom and chant Bloody Mary’s name into the mirror, she will appear. Usually scratching the face of those that dare speak...